C.E.O. Groaz Legnami, Luca boasts a consolidated professional background in the management and administration of the Company. His passion for creativity, attention to innovation and new technologies help him to transform his work into a stimulating activity every day, aimed at constantly improving the company’s evolution. Still responsible for the internal organization, relations with the public and customers, punctuality, order and efficiency are part of his way of being…
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Marco is the sales manager, master of the estimate, ready for any front office intervention, he provides the customer with valid assistance always giving the right indications. Collaborates closely with Luca and carries out site inspections for technical details. Able to better coordinate the logistical aspects due to the scheduling of existing orders, it also performs the role of feasibility consultancy in some specific aspects due to the most varied needs.
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Dr. Marco is the administrative contact of the company, he is responsible for the management, coordinates and supervises the accounting. His professional experience with solid work experience and university education of more than ten years, active in the drafting of new projects, as well as providing the key to the completion of all procedures put into operation. He has always been in constant service of staff to customers.
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